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Tradex Capital LTD is a private investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom.
Our strategies aim to generate returns and minimise capital losses during periods of market stress.
Our approach to hedge fund management is based on developing products that can improve the risk-return profile of investors' portfolios. Tradex Capital LTD aims to achieve this by creating strategies that are complementary to portfolios with a concentration of equity risk.

Our strategy seeks to deliver superior risk adjusted returns through the economic cycle by investing across a diverse range of proprietary trading models which we use on forex market, stocks and cryptocurrencies markets.

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Investment Plans

Basic Plan 110% After
24 Hours
Min: $20
Max: None


Classic Plan140% After
3 Days
Min: $200
Max: None


Standard Plan 170% After
5 Days
Min: $300
Max: None


Bronze Plan250% After
10 Days
Min: $500
Max: None


Silver Plan300% After
12 Days
Min: $1,000
Max: None


Gold Plan350% After
15 Days
Min: $1,500
Max: None


        Icon Plan450% After
20 Days
Min: $2,500
Max: None


Advanced Plan600% After
15 Days
Min: $3,000
Max: None


Ultimate Plan10% Daily
20 Days
Min: $2,000
Max: None


Up to 5% Referral Commission

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TRADEX CAPITAL LTD is registered in the UK. Our company number is: NO. 08646049

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Our risk management controls All trades are taken with a focus on risk management and proper leverage. 2019 - 2020. All rights reserved.
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